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Equipment recycle tire

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Dear Sir,custmer
If you looking for recycle tire……

What we need to know is :

A. Budget or Budget Constraints so that we can make a better offer based on your financial needs and requirements. We need to know your budget limitations rather than waste time proposing a system that is beyond your financial needs. Its best to know where to start so that we can advise you on what we can do for your needs.

B. Hp limitations that can often determine the type and design of system that we propose. Most systems use 3 phase power in Industrial Voltage of the Country of use and we provide complete systems with controls and motor starters for that use. If there is a limitation on the Hp of the shredder or the system we need to know that. We normally design to save on electrical costs by designing the system for this need.

C. Space Limitations are also important to know as each shredder and shredder system can be designed around specific space requirements. Height limitations are also important to know if there is a restriction on the height of the ceilings as most systems need a height of 8 to 12 feet.

D. Timing limitations for delivery scheduling and production scheduling so that we can meet your needs for an operational plant. It normally takes 90 days to build in our factories and 30 days for shipping.

E. Production Needs in tons per hour and operational hours per day for the system so that we can design for duty cycle of the system. Using a shredder for one hour a day is different than using a shredder 24 hours a day and duty cycle is important for design features and equipment selection.

1. Of Course we make a very casual statement, if you want to make money in tire recycling or any recycling we are the only company that no only manufactures shredders and recycling systems but operates its own shredders and shredder systems and knows how to make money with them. Most Companies that make shredders only sell them, but we know how to make money with our shredders because we operate them in our business. We feel this is important for you to understand. The whole object in recycling is to make money in recycling, dreams are nice but reality is that you must make money with recycling and that starts with your shredder or shredders or shredding system.

2. First Questions from us is : Do you want New Equipment, or Used Equipment, But remember overall that we can provide new Asian manufactured equipment for the price of used equipment or less than that of used equipment. With our Asian plants we can often provide new shredders for less than the cost of used, even rebuilt used equipment. Starting point is that a 16” shaft center distance shredder costs us less than 50K to build, a 24” shaft center distance shredder costs us less than 70K to build. These are not our selling prices but they give you the ability to compare shaft center designs to see just how much savings you can have by using our machines. As a careful note the 24” shaft center distance machines from the competition normally sell for about $450,000.00…so why are we in the $120,000.00 range? Good question…maybe you can ask them why…

3. We also need to know : Input Material Type, do you want to do Passenger Tires ( small to SUV ) or Truck Tires ( 18 Wheel Truck Type ) or Both or?

4. We need to know: Volume in Tires per hour, or Tons per Hour, or Pounds per Hour of Infeed? Tires per year or any other data that will help us determine your needs and the equipment to handle the job.

5. Infeed Mode – Manual Labor with Infeed Conveyor or Bulk Load into Hopper or Feed System or? Automation is the key to success so remember that we promote low labor systems, others do not.

6. Desired End Product Size of product made in System, in inches or mm or ? Be careful about the scam of buying your end products if you by our equipment. Sounds too good to be true…then it is. The business is evolving and you must be careful on promises of making hugh profits in the Recycling Field. It’s a business and has typical profit margins if properly done. You will also go broke if not properly done.

7. Method of Discharge – Discharge Conveyor or into Supersacks or into Dump Truck or Container or Pile? Again Automation is the key to success. Labor Intensive systems are not the way to make money in the recycling field.

8. Address and Contact Data and Web Site of your Group?

9. Budget for Project that is anticipated? We need to know your expectations so that we can confirm what you already know or see if we can build something around your budget that will work. We walk away from 90% of the inquiries as the funding is not realistic and we inform you of that fact rather than waste time. Blunt conversations will be made so be ready for reality checks by our group.

10. Anticipated Time Frame for Project and Equipment Delivery? Equipment is normally not in stock but sometimes we do have something in stock. Typical delivery schedules are about 3 to 4 months. But we can build a system in under 60 days depending on the complexity and the system design.

11. Is Financing Confirmed or when is it anticipated to be in place?, or do you need our assistance or leasing assistance?

12. Engineering and Consultancy needed from our group? Tire Systems can be simple or complicated and many who want a complicated system do not understand that there is an extensive amount of Engineering performed even in the quotation stage and we provide general data but do charge an Engineering Fee when the program moves into the serious mode of Quotation and Engineering.

13. Visitation anticipated to Chicago USA to see equipment under our Consultancy Agreement or a Visitation to your office under a Consultancy Arrangement? We charge for our services but refund part or all of our services if an order is made and can be seen under out terms and conditions of our Consultancy Agreement.

14. Other important factors are any restrictions on the size of the system or shredder system such as floor space. If you only have a 20 foot by 20 foot area then we cant put in a system that takes a 30 foot by 30 foot area, and its best to know this up front rather than guessing and doing a lot of work and then finding out that there is no space for what you need. Head Height is also important as in some instances you need a 12 foot height or a 16 foot height to get the proper machine with the proper hopper and the proper height for the stand so that material handling equipment can be interfaced with the shredder.

15. Other important factors are any restrictions on the power of the unit as we can do miracles with HP and Torque but in some cases you may need a specific Hp or a specific Torque or a combination of these two as they are directly related and if you cant have any more Hp than 100 KW then we need to know that restriction to see if the mission can be accomplished with the Hp or Amperage Restrictions. We normally need to know the Voltage and the Hertz of your Country and any other restrictions that apply. Most instances we are dealing with 3 phase power which is the typical worldwide method of delivering industrial power. If we can not get 3 phase power then we need to evaluate what can be done and again this needs to be determined at the onset of the project.

16. Its also important to provide us with your budget and timing on the project as we don’t normally do a lot of “ Free “ work on a project until they are in a final budget stage but we do provide excellent consultancy and engineering services on a fee basis when needed as outlined below. These systems must be engineered and we make all efforts to design to your needs.

These are some of the general questions that we need for us to properly support your request. If you don’t know the answers then just give us a call so that we can walk you through this…

We receive over 5,000 calls a month and it will be your responsibility to communicate on a consistent basis with our group to allow us to properly handle your needs and your project. Dan Burda is the owner and answers all e mails and calls on you so you have to help us out….

For System Design and Engineering we perform this service on a fee basis especially for major system design. We perform Engineering and Consulting Services as quoted and our general fee is $1,500.00 per day, per man, or as required and quoted. Our Data can be provided on these fees upon request.

We sell a service and we welcome your call as sometimes its best to talk about your situation and your needs.


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