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  1. In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

    Terms and Conditions

    Akafi Industial website is subject to the laws of Kingdom of Bahrain (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism), Commercial Register No. 106938-1, name of company: Arab Consulting Staff (Al Kader Alarabi Consultations)

    Registering on Akafi.net is an acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth.

    Reading and acknowledging the terms is the responsibility of the registered member.

    1. Industrial Akafi website, www.akafi.net  is an exclusive property of Mr. Abdulkafi Hussein Alabou. For direct contact: [email protected]

    2. Industrial Akafi is not a third party between the seller and the buyer or vice versa legally or illegally and won’t be a part of any dispute among the members of the site or external parties.

    3. Industrial Akafi can sue any member insults, slanders or defames the site or other members inside or outside the site and claim for amends according to the laws of the located country.

    4. No member can delete his membership, a member is kindly requested to contact the administration or the technical support team to suspend his membership.

    5. Industrial Akafi website provides the following services: purchasing credits (in US dollars $) used for marketing ads and advertising in www.Akafi.net and Akafi’s social media channels.

    6. The website has the right to suspend the membership of any member violating the regulations.

    7. The website is entitled to move any or all the threads of a member to the Deleted Threads Section without any reference to the member along with complete or partial credits deduction. 

    8. The website’s ratio is 1%, to be only obtained from the advertiser and due amounts shall be sent to the accounts of the website.

    9. How to calculate the ratio: it is calculated from the interest obtained by the beneficiary.

    10. Dear members and visitors, www.akakfi.net is at service as many have benefited from our services, kindly follow the regulations.

    I agree that I read all the conditions and I oblige to them. 
    Dear member by using Industrial Akafi website you read and agree on all the previous.

    Honesty is the best Policy

    It is PROHIBITED to add:

    1. - Financing ads without official proof issued by the official authorities.
    1. - Oil and its derivatives’ ads except for the companies verified by the administration
    2. -Trading of currencies and Bitcoin (selling or purchasing).
    3. - All types of visa’s requests and offers.
    4. - Hajj and Umrah’s visas and permits.
    5. - Using inappropriate terms.
    6. -All types of political and religious issues.
    7. -To register with inappropriate names. 
    8. -Adding Links of other websites, WhatsApp groups, emails or phone numbers in the ads text. 
    9. -Adding inappropriate or provocative ad text, inappropriate images or improper responses.
    10. -Duplicated ads are banned and will be omitted.

    Industrial Akafi is entitled to 10% of income in the case of making use of phone numbers of its members in other groups and websites.